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 Me as Terry

Me as Terry

Terryfied Halloween 2013 

On Halloween I dressed up as (in)famous American fashion and portrait photographer Terrence "Terry" Richardson. His work is often times sexually driven and controversial, so it made this costume a real conversation starter. 

The "Terryfied Halloween" photo project was created as part of my costume. I set-up a photo shoot with co-workers at the Halloween office party, using Terry's simple and modern "one-light"  photo style. I took their portraits, with or without costume, while they posed as Terry Richardson, which sometimes occurs on Terry's photo shoots with his subjects. They posed with thumbs up and put on my Terry-style glasses notably creating a Terry-like pose.  

This is a selection of my co-workers as Terry Richardson. Thanks to all who had fun on Halloween and helped with this project, especially Adriana Marin.