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Finch & Ada was a concept gallery co-founded by Liz Lapp (formerly Barragan) and Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb. F&A’s Inaugural exhibition, The Pleasure Is All Mine, March 2011, was curated to push back against the styles exemplified in the current art photography scene embedded in the galleries of Chelsea. So often the the narrative fell to disenchantment and portraiture with lack of smiles. This led Mrs. Lapp and Ms. Mahoney-Cobb to wonder out-loud, “why does no one smile in portraiture?” so they decided to create a pop-up exhibition that embodied happiness and joy. In Mrs. Lapp’s interview with Alison Zavos for Feature Shoot, she said, “Happiness is a powerful feeling, which can be underrated…” and with The Pleasure Is All Mine (the title has a double meaning of pleasuring others or the pleasuring of oneself), they began a collaboration that would add their voice, perspective and ideals to the Art landscape in New York City.

Finch & Ada was founded in 2010, working completely online through Facebook and a website, the exhibitions were curated and shown in pop-up areas throughout Manhattan. Mrs. Lapp and Ms. Mahoney-Cobb would find empty store fronts in marquee areas and called the landlords to request access for free for 2-3weeks to exhibit. In turn, they promised to fix up the space and make it a showroom for potential renters to help the landlord lease it. Eventually they made it to their first art fair, ArtHamptons, which eventually proved to go beyond the passion of Finch & Ada’s initial concept. So they packed it up and decided to dissolve. But not without forging life-long friends, colleagues, networks and of course memories.

Formerly exhibited artists…

Dolly Faibyshev
Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Robert Otto Epstein
Toby Burrows
Bill Durgin
C. Finely
Maciek Jasik
Jan von Holleben
Jonathan Levitt
Sascha Mallon
Rachelle Mozman 
Diane Russo
Robin Schwartz
Aline Smithson
Jock Sturges
Rachel Styer
Justin Walker
Rachel Warner
Jill Waterman
Logan White

Exhibitions, publications, portfolio reviews and juried:

The Pleasure is All Mine
When Will We Grow Up

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