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Featured Social Campaigns

These campaigns showcase a selection of projects that I have directed with my team, editorial teams, internal creative, external agencies and across the growth marketing organization. From strategy to creative direction, posting schedules, measuring and reporting(Sprinklr), across all social platforms and using paid, owned and earned social functions, I have driven goals, benchmarks and historic records for each project. Most importantly I’ve worked with exciting partners and had fun creating cool content to engage our fans! Social Media Kicks-A$$!

Feel free to reach out so we can dive into details with these or any other campaigns not featured.


NFL Live on Yahoo Sports 2018-2019. Stefon Diggs promo read - edited, branded and written for social posting.

Game Time: Ravens Vs. Steelers We created game time or "Watch Now" branded content to post right at game start and leverage fans to stream now!

Now in the second season of the partnership with the NFL, we examined the learnings from last season to create dynamic, engaging and real-time content to post across the Yahoo Sports social handles and social platforms. We also leveraged NFL talent to create branded promotion and focused on “Watch Now” tune-in messaging to remind the fans to livestream the games in the Yahoo Sports app.

For this campaign, I used last year’s awareness metrics to create KPI’s for this season and set up a dashboard within Sprinklr. My creative team partnered with the Troika creative agency to leverage the design language and color palette used in the brand design kit for NFL Live/Yahoo Sports brands and my copywriter worked with NFL and Yahoo Sports editorial team to create the voice and tone for each post. These assets were used in Paid and Organic social and for the 2018-2019 season we are trending to beat YoY benchmarks in Impressions and Link Clicks and see a huge pick-up in engagements.

[SOUND ON] Ball is Life: Yahoo NBA Fantasy Basketball App social awareness campaign branded promotional video.

Branded/editorial content using custom illustrations to symbolize the 2018-2019 NBA Fantasy League Draft Picks.

We love basketball and jumped at the chance to create an original branded campaign for the full-season Yahoo NBA Fantasy Basketball App. This was the first season we could support this product and we had no media budget for social, so this is a pure owned/earned awareness campaign. My team partnered with the Yahoo Fantasy Sports editorial team and NBA to create hand-illustrated assets that were animated to try to capture the energy of the NBA and the culture that surrounds it. The campaign is titled Ball is Life and created a manifesto that is read in the video by internal voice talents. Because this is the first time launching this campaign, we are currently measuring and creating benchmarks in Sprinklr to use for next year. KPI’s - awareness: impressions, reach, engagements, views.

We partnered with Draymond Green for a 25K tourney bracket challenge. It was the first time we created branded/influencer content for IG Stories.
Yahoo Tourney Bracket Live is a Yahoo Sports branded show, hosted by college basketball expert Brad Evans.

The Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em game is an app used to create brackets leading up to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This game is considered a great introduction to the Yahoo Sports app, since “March Madness” is considered a tourist sport. My team would support the 4-week lead up to the start of the tournament by creating social-first branded assets to promote “building brackets” as well as supporting Yahoo Sport’s Tourney Bracket Live, a live show on Selection Sunday, when the teams are selected to play against each other in the tournament play.

We partnered with the Sid Lee advertising agency to leverage college basketball expert, Brad Evans, and create videos that would promote the Tourney Bracket Live (TBL) show. These videos would be posted to lead up to the show. In addition, we created the first-ever Instagram story content, which featured the four personas to build a bracket - Defense, Stats, Experience and Intuition. This also included writing and creating content for Draymond Green, the Tourney Pick’Em 2018 Influencer, to post on his social handles as well as the Yahoo Sports social handles. We also created a 4 day War-Room which had a ground team of 4 and a remote team of 4 to produce real-time content on Selection Sunday and for the “red-zone” for bracket building before the Tournament starts.

Paid Over 500K video views for Tourney Bracket Live on Twitter (up 64% from last year’s 180K views); 1.7M Impressions for the TBL broadcast

Organic 1M+ engagements during the TBL broadcast (first ever benchmarked); Tourney Pick’Em Selection Sunday - Up 30% engagement per post YoY; 200% new followers for the day, and over 35 original brand posts created real-time to engage with fans during TBL.