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S2 Ep. 37: 1-Year Anniversary with Special Guests Latinos Out Loud!

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The Hoops Talk podcast celebrates its’ 1-year anniversary with special guest Juan Bago, Rachel La Loca, and Frank Nibbs, of the Latinos Out Loud Podcast. The LOL crew shares their podcasting journey and building up of the LatinX Community. through podcasts. The LOL crew also dives into the 2019-20 NBA Season with predictions, just the tips and taking a shot at the first pitch in our new segment, #ForeverFanFreer, by trying to sell the New York Knicks to our newest NBA Fantasy league member, Kyndall Freer, in her quest to find her forever NBA team. It was HILARIOUS and a fantastic way to start season 2!

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The Blog: Do believe your NBA team has what it takes? #ForeverFanFreer

Latinos Out Loud Podcast
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Favorite Latinos Out Loud podcasts:
Season 5 Episode 22 with Comedians Sasha Merci and Dee Nasty and Los Espooky’s (Juan Bago gives the hoops talk a shout out)

Season 5 Episode 29 with Marysol Castro, the first female public address announcer for the New York Mets and Deanna Munoz, Latino Arts Festival in Kansas City and on Queer Eye Netflix

Season 5 Episode 21 with Radio Personality and Envsn Festival creator Laura Stylez @hot97 Ebro in the morning

Ep. 36 NBA Fantasy Draft Picks, China, WNBA Finals and new season petty!

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We drafted our 2019-20 NBA Fantasy teams and we discuss our picks and bring back our “Just The Tips” segment. We try to unpack the China situation for the NBA, relish in a WNBA Big Game 5 and kick off the new season of Sweaty & Petty with mega-troll KD! It’s OCTOBER BABY!

Ep. 32: WNBA Playoffs, Fan Appreciation, Coach Kobe and Dennis Rodman's Redemption.

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In this episode we highlight Candace Parker and Liz Loza in the new #WomenCrushWednesday segment, discuss WNBA Playoffs brackets and picks, and begin the NBA Fantasy Basketball league discussion. We also roast Kobe Bryant, unpack Dennis Rodman and give some fan appreciation,

Ep. 31: #WCW, ESPN 2019 Body Issue, and NBA 2019-20 Projections

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We are highlighting some women crushing it this Wednesday, celebrating the National Holiday, Beyonce's Birthday, getting naked with the ESPN 2019 Body Issue, featuring WNBA Las Vegas Center Liz Cambage and test our maths skills to discuss the FiveThirtyEight 2019-20 NBA Projections.

Ep. 22 NBA Free Agency F*ckery and Summer Shade

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On this episode, we invite special guest Mykell the PG, co-host of The Courtside Radio Show and Zach Feintuch, co-creator and lead creative copywriter of Herman's Hell to discuss the state of the 2019 NBA Free Agency as we head into the start of the trades.

We also go over the results of our Twitter Social Experiment: First Basketball Movies that come to mind, discuss the juicy parts of Andre Iguodala's memoir, The Sixth Man, and the unpack travel woes of the WNBA.

Ep. 15 Basketball: Final Fantasy, NBA Playoffs, and So Many Feelings on Social Media.

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Fantasy Basketball has ended and we discuss how we ended up in our leagues. Next up is the NBA Playoffs and we share some of our predictions. Lastly, there was a whole lot happening in the culture, and it all spilled out on social media, like a best friend and a cup of tea.

Ep 14. Basketball: Statistically Eliminated, March Madness is Cancelled, and High Tech

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It’s Spring Break and Karen drove to L.A. for our first in-person recording. Nestled into our Producer’s makeshift studio, a.k.a. his clothes closet, we unpack our final week of Fantasy Basketball, discuss NBA playoffs, March Madness, the Apple Event and much more.

Ep. 12 Basketball: Tips for Life and Basketball

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As we head to the NBA playoffs, Liz and Karen's fantasy league heads into the final weeks of league play. Tips are handed out, Anonymous Knicks Fan 922 gets into a standoff with Oscar Award Winner Spike Lee, Tristan Thompson is Trash and much more social around the horn.

Ep. 9 Basketball: NBA Christmas Day Games, listicles, and when the edibles kick-in.

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In this episode, Liz and Karen recap their NBA Fantasy League, discuss NBA Christmas Day Games agenda, create listicles and claim 2018 the year of the Otter.

Ep.6: Basketball: Rants & Raves, Warriors Woes and the Butler did it.

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In this episode, Liz and Karen give their regular NBA Fantasy Basketball league updates, but that's just the subplot to the bigger stories that hit in week 6 in the NBA.

Ep. 5: Basketball: Scorpio season, ballers at the ballots, and knowing some shit.

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In this episode, Liz and Karen recap their NBA fantasy basketball teams standings, share their adds, drops, and clutch player tips for NBA week 4. They also get energized discussing athlete and social media activism, #NBATwitter and talk directly to Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson in the TimeOut corner. And much more!

Ep. 4: Basketball: Head-to-Head, Rose ceremony and listener questions.

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In this episode, Liz and Karen discuss going head-to-head in their fantasy basketball league, get heartfelt along with the rest of the NBA about Derrick Rose’s 50 point game, and go deep into listener’s question on Twitter re: moving the 3-point line.